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Each case we take on is special to us.  Meet some of our wonderful Armani's Angels fur babies!




Kojak came to us with a ruptured disc with spinal cord compression, causing paralysis in his hind legs. His parents were totally unprepared for something so severe to happen out of a seemingly normal nightly walk around the park. The bill for surgery was estimated at $7,000. We were so happy to be able to help Kojak's parents with a portion of his bill and get the care he needed.

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Remi is a 2.5-year Catahoula leopard dog who serves as an emotional support dog for his owner's daughter with autism. Remi was playing with little Ivee (pictured with him here) when he jumped up to catch a ball, landed wrong, and ended up dislocating his hip socket. The injury was so bad it required a femoral head ostectomy that cost around $3,500. With the help of the owner's fundraising efforts and Armani's Angels, Remi was able to get the surgery he needed to continue helping his little girl take on the world.

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